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 IV Rescue in Las Vegas

The Original Mobile IV Hydration Service.

Our Story

Our founder and the guy who took over.

Mr. Keith White who came up with the idea for Mobile IV Hydration in Las Vegas while working at Wet Republic when many of the guests were a little too worn out from drinking under the hot Las Vegas sun all day but still wanted to get out to enjoy the Las Vegas nightlife. "How do we get these guys from the pool to the club?" Kieth asked, and some of his friends in the healthcare industry and they told him that if you could get them an IV after being in the sun all day drinking they'd be good to go the rest of the night, not originally as a Hangover Cure in Las Vegas

IV Rescue in Las Vegas quickly became an Urban Legend, many people had heard about it but it seemed nobody had ever done it. Soon after the urban legend had started spreading, Marshall Brushfield (the current CEO of IV Rescue) had already been working with Kieth for almost a year. Since taking over the day to day operations of IV Rescue Marshall has committed himself to keeping that one mission true and will always make sure all of their clients, from the visiting weekend warriors, the Las Vegas Industry family and now those who are keeping fit and well by making IV therapy a part of their normal routine, will always be taken care of by getting them Plugged In & Recharged Wherever They Want, Whenever They Need.

IV Rescue founder Keith White
IV Rescue founder Keith White